On this page you will find a collection of documents for downloading

Membership Forms

PTSA Membership form 2019-2020

PTSA Membership Form 2019-2020 Spanish version

Meeting Minutes

In the links below, you will see the minutes from the most recent meetings of the MLK PTSA

Meeting of September 10, 2019

Meeting of November 12, 2019

Meeting of December 10, 2019

Meeting of February 11, 2019

Financial reports

In the links below, you will see some financial reports relevant to the activities of the MLK PTSA

Approved Operating Budget (2019-2020)

July Treasurer Report (2019-2020)

August Treasurer Report (2019-2020)

September Treasurer Report (2019-2020)

October Treasurer Report (2019-2020)

November Treasury Report (2019-2020)

December Treasury Report (2019-2020)

January Treasury Report (2019-2020)

February Treasury Report (2019-2020)

March Treasury Report (2019-2020)

April Treasury Report (2019-2020)

PTSA Meeting Presentation Archives

In the links below, you will see some of the Slide Decks that were presented at recent PTSA meetings.

Middle School Mysteries – Presented by Audra Dove on 10-9-18


SSL (Student Service Learning) are volunteer hours that students need to accumulate prior to high school.  Available here are the relevant documents that are needed to document SSL hour

SSL Request Form

SSL Verification Form

PTSA governance Documents.

All Maryland PTSA s are required to follow a prescribed set of bylaws.  A copy of these is available below


MLK PTSA Maryland Insurance

Other Documents…

After School Activities Handbook

Seneca Valley Boundary Study