If you do not see the answer to your questions, please feel free to contact us via the Contact Us page.

Do you help with SSL credits?

Yes, Student Service Learning (SSL) is an important component of a student's primary school education.  The MLK PTSA provides contact information to students and parents regarding how students can earn SSL credits.  For example, the Potomac River Conservancy has an SSL program for which your student can sign up.

I'd like to volunteer for some activities.  How do I sign up?

We are more than happy to accept volunteer services.  Please go to the sign up page and select which activity you would like to volunteer for. If you would like to volunteer for something not on our list, please go to the Contact Us page or click here, and send us a email of how you would like to volunteer and participate in the PTSA activities.

Do you provide minutes of the meetings?

Yes, all of our meeting minutes are archived and can be obtained by clicking here.


I am an incoming parent. How can I stay informed about various opportunities at MLK Middle School?

Read the Principal’s weekly email, visit the MLK school website, visit the PTSA website, join the PTSA and receive additional information via our newsletter.


What is the PTSA?

— Every individual PT(S)A works directly with its school’s parents, students, teachers and administrators to provide opportunities and advocacy for ALL of MLK’s students. Although membership is required to vote on things like the annual budget, you do NOT have to be a member to attend the meetings or participate in events. The PTSA is for ALL members of the MLK community and works for EVERY student in the school.

— The National PTA is the overarching non-profit umbrella organization for all local, county and state PTAs. All branches of the PTA advocate for students within the public education system.  Every state has a “state PT(S)A” under which all “county PT(S)As” operate.  Montgomery County’s PTA organization is referred to as the MCCPTA (Montgomery County Council of PTAs).  Under the MCCPTA, each school has a PT(S)A organization that is guided by the national, state, and county PTA rules.  MCCPTA is a powerful and important resource for all local PT(S)As.  Together with the local PT(S)As, their volunteers work tirelessly to address equity, safety, academic excellence, school improvement, etc. within our county.  They speak (give testimony) at the Board of Education meetings and meet regularly with top level officers in the county school system to articulate issues and find solutions.


If I become a member of the PTSA, do I have to volunteer to do something?

— No.  Although we welcome every and all volunteers, membership in the PTSA does NOT mean you have to volunteer.  You volunteer when and if you want to.  Plain and simple.


Why should I become a member of the PTSA?

— Five words:  DO IT FOR OUR STUDENTS!  When you pay your annual membership fee, that money goes immediately to work for our MLK students.  The MLK PTSA funds enrichment opportunities such as Outdoor Education, National Junior Honor Society, club scholarships, MLK Family Night, Chrome Books and more.  We can’t do it without you! Consider joining at mlkptsa.org


How can I become involved in the PTSA? I have some great ideas about activities that my child would love to have at the school? 

We are a very inclusive and welcoming organization.  Send us an email about what you’re interested in and/or come to a meeting to share your interests and ideas.  You don’t have to be a member to attend.


How can I sign up for the PTSA?

Go to the MLK MS PTSA website at mlkptsa.org.  Select the Membership tab at the top of the page or scroll down and click the Join button. You can either print out a form and send it in along with your check or cash to the office.  Make checks payable to MLK MS PTSA.  Or, you can join online at our website mlkptsa.org.


How can I get in touch with the PTSA?

Email us at mlkptsaconnect@gmail.com or come to one of the meetings.


What after school activities are there in the school for my student?

There are four kinds of after school activities and clubs (not including MLK athletic teams).  These clubs will be announced on the morning announcements, on the MLK website, the PTSA website and within the PTSA member newsletter.

— RecXtra – Free clubs for our students, run by Montgomery County Department of Recreation on MLK school premises.  The types of clubs offered vary.  RecXtra clubs run from 3:10-4:30 T, W, or Th.  These clubs are first come and first served. Activity bus service is available only for MLK students whose home school is MLK.  There is no activity bus service for out of area Humanities students.

— Teacher led Clubs – MLK teachers run a variety of interesting clubs during the year.  Some clubs may have certain membership requirements for students (interest, audition, good grades etc).

— PTSA Sponsored clubs – These are fee-based clubs run by select vendors.  Currently MLK PTSA works with Silver Knights Enrichment to bring Chess to interested students.  There are fall, winter and spring sessions.  All skill levels are welcome and all skill levels are taught.   Scholarships are available for students.

— HS Student led Clubs with Teacher Sponsor – Science Olympiad and Math Team are led by Poolesville HS students who have success and experience in these respective competition-based pursuits.  Science Olympiad is open to all interested students.  Math Team is tryout based.  These clubs meet once/week and typically begin in October and run through February.


Does the PTSA have a Facebook page?

— No. We have our own website at mlkptsa.org and an area within MLK’s website at https://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/schools/mlkms/ptsa/PTSA.aspx