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Welcome to the MLK MS PTSA website. In the weeks to come, we'll add information about clubs, announcements, events and more.  We encourage you to visit the Membership area of our site to learn more about what the PTSA does and why joining the MLK PTSA, or volunteering, are an integral part of our mission to support the MLK community.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school at 240-740-6350 and leave a message or use the MLK Parent Dropbox or refer to our MLK Staff Directory

Upcoming Events


VIRTUAL PTA MEETING- We will have our first virtual PTA meeting this coming Tuesday at 7:00.  Please join us as we are always seeking new members. 

Log-in information is https://mcpsmd.zoom.us/j/99459844583?pwd=VXVoRWc0YSs1dlI5OTJOOGJJLzZMZz09        Meeting ID: 994 5984 4583      Passcode: 294497.

You will need to use  your child’s username and password to access the Zoom meeting!

Non-instructional Day (No school for students and teachers)

Early Release Day

New MLK PTA Board members are needed!

Open positions include Secretary and Fundraising.  Please contact megkaminski@comcast.net if you are interested in learning more.  These positions do not take a lot of time but yield a lot of benefit for our students.  No experience necessary and current Board members will train their successors.

Secretary - Keep accurate records of all MLK PTSA and Board meetings. Read past meeting minutes at the beginning of each PTSA meeting fro member approval.  Send out copy of meeting notes to Board and members.  Work with fellow Board members to support the goals of the PTSA.

Fundraising - Seek out, secure and manage fundraising and promotional opportunities such as local restaurant Dine Outs, spirit wear, Got Sneakers.  Work with PTSA President, VP and school secretary to communicate the fundraising opportunities to the MLK school community.

WEDNESDAY EXPECTATIONS-   The purpose of Wednesdays during a full week schedule is for students to work on self-paced work and check-in with teachers for support.  Attendance is not recorded (taken) nor are the sessions recorded. All students default to present.   However, in our efforts to support students, we highly recommend all students check in on Wednesdays to ensure they are clear on weekly expectations to promote consistency with attention to learning during our virtual environment, and to get additional support when needed.  There will be no new learning during this timeframe.  In certain situations, teachers in collaboration with the parents can require students to attend Wednesday’s periods.  In this case, the teacher will communicate with the parent directly.

MAP-R and MAP- M-  Due to the emergency closure of school buildings this past spring, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) requires all local school districts to administer a fall diagnostic assessment in math and literacy to students in grades Kindergarten through 12.  The diagnostic assessment is designed to inform instruction, recovery and intervention and account for learning loss, as well as determine the present performance levels of students on math and literacy standards. We will administer the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment to serve as our fall diagnostic. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School will be testing on the following dates through students’ Advisory/Homeroom Class:

  • MAP-R: Friday, September 18th and Tuesday, September 22nd  Period 8 (Advisory/Homeroom)
  • MAP-M:  Friday, September 25th and Tuesday, September 29th Period 8 (Advisory/Homeroom

To learn more about MAP assessments and what you can do to help your child prepare for the assessment, please review the attached Family Guidance Sheet.  Students will learn more about testing expectations during their Homeroom Class on Tuesday, September 15th.   

September 22 MAP-R- Period 8

Health Education Parent Informational Meeting- 6:30

PTSA Meeting 7:00

September 25 MAP-M- Period 8
September 28 No School Offices Open
September 29 Periods 5-8

MAP-M- Period 8


September 30 Periods 1-4
October 1 Periods 1-4
October 2 Early Release

Pd 5: 9:00-9:30

Pd 6: 9:40-10:10

Pd 7: 10:20-10:50

Pd 8: 11:00-11:30


VIRTUAL HEALTH EDUCATION PARENT MEETING- Our Physical Education Teachers will be providing information for parents about our comprehensive health education program including family life.  You are invited to attend a virtual informational meeting on September 22, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. using the link below.https://mcpsmd.zoom.us/j/92969785220?pwd=NEZXSk9Cb0FKYXlLYk1vK1ZjYzlTdz09. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Thomas at  Milton_B_Thomas@mcpsmd.org.

Key Things to Know:

Please see below for updated information regarding our MLK Instructional Schedule, Back To School Night, Grading and Reporting, MAP Administration, Middle School Athletics, Student Attendance, Guidance Counselors, Parent Technical Support, and Free and Reduced Meal Applications.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school at 240-740-6350 and leave a message or use our Parent Dropbox or refer to our MLK Staff Directory.  We will also be posting resources on our website.

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHTOur Back to School Night is scheduled for September 17, 2020 6:30-8:30.  Back to School Night will have live interactions via ZOOM where you will be able to follow your child’s schedule, meet their teachers and learn about class expectations including instruction grading, homework and more.  Sessions will also be recorded for future viewing.  Zoom Links and logistics will be sent in a separate communication

PTA MEETING-  We will have our first virtual PTA meeting on September 22, 2020 at 7:00.  Zoom information provided above.

GRADING AND REPORTING- In 2020-21, MCPS will return to a letter grade system for marking period and semester grades. Students can expect graded assignments in each class each week, which will be entered into the Gradebook.  Teachers will also administer classroom, district, and external assessments that assess student progress and inform next steps for instruction. Some of these assessments will be used for grading purposes.  As a result of the transition to the Synergy Gradebook, common gradebook templates will be used across middle and high schools in MCPS:

  • In most courses, two grading categories will be used in the Gradebook:
  1. All Tasks/Assessments    (90%) 
  2. Practice/Preparation      (10%)
  • In English, ESOL, and mathematics courses that administer district assessments for Evidence of Learning (commonly referred to as Progress Checks), three grading categories will be used in the Gradebook:
  1. All Tasks/Assessments     (80%)
  2. District Assessment           (10%) 
  3. Practice/Preparation       (10%)

Due Dates/Deadline Dates, 50% Rule and Use of Z’s and Zeros

  • All teachers will assign due dates and deadline dates. Teachers will follow the 50% Rule, in which no grades lower than 50 percent may be assigned to a task/assessment. However, if a student does no work on the task/assessment, the teacher may assign a zero, after appropriate support.  Teachers are encouraged to enter Z’s as soon as possible so that students and parents are aware of assignments that should be submitted.  Teachers will communicate with students and parents to support and assist the student with work completion.

MIDDLE SCHOOL ATHLETICS-  The middle school interscholastic athletics program this semester is available for students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade and consists of three virtual sport seasons, including cross country and softball (Sept. 21-Oct.9), basketball (Oct. 26-Nov. 20), and soccer (Nov. 30-Dec. 18). The middle school virtual athletic seasons consists of two student-athlete and coach engagement sessions per week, for a total of six engagement sessions over the course of approximately three to four weeks.   The cross country and softball virtual season is scheduled to occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays after-school (unless otherwise notified by the coach), beginning on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 and finishing on Thursday, October 8, 2020.

All students participating in the cross country and softball virtual season, as part of the MCPS interscholastic athletics program, must complete the online registration process. Registration for softball and cross country is done electronically through the MLKMS Athletics Registration form on the MLK Website. Registration for basketball and soccer will be released at a later date. Students and parents/guardians who have difficulty with registration should contact Logan Neuman at Logan_S_Neuman@mcpsmd.org.

STUDENT ATTENDANCE GUIDELINES AND EXPECTATIONS-  It is expected that students attend all live sessions for each class.  Attendance will be taken daily in each class, including homeroom.  Students are considered present when:

  • They have logged in to their Zoom Session (teachers may use Zoom Reports for verification)
  • Teachers take a live roll call during the session
  • Teachers use discussion threads to verify attendance

Students are considered absent when:

  • They do not log into their live session and engage in the discussion threads or complete attendance checks in MyMCPS

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR CHILD IS ABSENTWe recognize that students may need to miss live sessions due to illness, appointments, or other extenuating circumstances.  When a student must be absent, parents/guardians should call the MLK attendance line at 240-740-6351 or email Mrs. Cardea at Sherrie_H_Cardea@mcpsmd.org.  Absence notes from doctor appointments should be emailed to Mrs. Cardea.  Students will have 72 hours to access the posted recorded lesson for each class when they have missed a class. The recordings will be posted on the teacher’s classroom.  After viewing the recorded lesson, students/parents/guardians should complete the Live Virtual Absence Form located on the MLK Website (left side of the main page) to attest to viewing of the lesson.  This will allow the student’s absence to be changed from Absent to Present-Other.  Parents will be notified via ConnectEd and ParentVue of their child’s absence.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT GUIDE FOR STUDENTS AND PARENTS-  Please see the following UPDATED LINK for more information.  The support guide has support guides for various technology including Zoom, MyMCPS, ParentVue, Synergy and a google form on the bottom to request technical support.


Guidance counselors spend three years with their students. Mrs. Boss will be filling-in for Mrs. Kuntz during her maternity leave for sixth grade.  Grade level guidance counselor assignments for this year are:


Parent Resources for Virtual Learning (English and Spanish)

The MCPS Parents page has been updated to include various online resources for families to help them navigate virtual learning. Visit www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/parents/ to see the list of resources.

MCPS to Resume Free Meal Service for All County Children and MCPS Students (English and Spanish)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has extended the waivers that allow school systems to provide free meals to students during the summer months. MCPS will resume providing free breakfast and lunch to all County children and enrolled MCPS students.  A student identification number will not be required; however, names will be taken for each child. More information is available at news.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/quicknotes/important-update-mcps-to-resume-free-meal-service-for-all-county-children-and-students/.

County Offers Immunizations for Children Returning to School (English and Spanish)

County health officials are offering free immunizations to eligible children so that immunization requirements are met for the 2020–2021 school year. Immunizations for students new to MCPS and children in kindergarten through Grade 12 are available Monday through Friday, by appointment, at locations in Silver Spring and Germantown. Appointments are available at: Dennis Avenue Health Center, 2000 Dennis Avenue, Silver Spring; Phone: 240-777-1050 and Germantown Health Center, 12900 Middlebrook Road, Germantown; Phone: 240-777-3380. There will be two additional clinics offered on Saturday, September 12 and Saturday, September 19 at the Dennis Avenue Health Center location. Parents/guardians can access their child’s vaccination record online at no cost on the Maryland Department of Health’s web portal. Users can view and print official copies of vaccination records without a request to their health care provider. More information about Maryland’s immunization requirements can be found on the Maryland Health Department’s website.

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