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Welcome to the MLK MS PTSA website. In the weeks to come, we'll add information about clubs, announcements, events and more.  We encourage you to visit the Membership area of our site to learn more about what the PTSA does and why joining the MLK PTSA, or volunteering, are an integral part of our mission to support the MLK community.

MLK school

School Calendar

On Tuesday, April 14, the Maryland State Board of Education voted to waive the requirement that schools hold 180 days of instruction. MCPS will be updating the school calendar in the coming weeks based on the State Board’s decision to waive five of the 10 emergency closure days from March 16 to March 27. This means we will only need to make up five days to meet the new minimum number of instructional days (175 days). MCPS has already made up three of these days by reducing spring break and has one additional unused emergency closure day that was already built into the calendar. We used April 28 as an instructional day. The last day of school will be June 15, 2020.

Student Service Learning Hours- All completed SSL forms may now be emailed directly to our SSL coordinator, Erin Boss, at Erin_E_Boss@mcpsmd.org. All new hours submitted will be entered by the end of the fourth quarter and will be reflected on the fourth quarter report card. 

Do you need help?  Do you want to help?  A food consolidation center has been set up at BlackRock Center for the Arts in Germantown. Volunteers in Clarksburg and Germantown are working together to gather essential items for children, families and seniors negatively impacted by COVID-19. These items are then delivered by volunteers from Germantown HELP to families who have been referred for assistance. If you or someone you know is in need of food and supplies, please contact us at hub@blackrockcenter.org.

Donations are needed and accepted daily by BlackRock staff.  See this link for information. https://www.blackrockcenter.org/upcounty-consolidation-hub/

New MLK PTA Board members are needed for next year! All current MLK PTSA Board members are at the end of their term limits.  New parents need to step into these roles.  Contact megkaminski@comcast.net if you are interested in learning more.  These positions do not take a lot of time but yield a lot of benefit for our students.  No experience necessary and current Board members will train their successors. Open positions include: President, Treasurer, Secretary and Fundraising.

President - Lead the PTSA toward specific goals as agreed upon by the members.  Lead Board and PTSA meetings at least 5 times per school year.  Bridge communication between PTSA and administration.  Work closely with Treasurer to maintain budgetary objectives and compliance documents.  Work with school to provide opportunities and communication that further support students and staff.  Coordinate with the SVHS Cluster Rep to communicate pertinent information to advocate for MLK MS. Work with Board members to optimize engagement, fundraising and advocay.

Vice President - Assist the President and help lead the PTSA toward specific goals chosen by its members.  Take ownership of PTSA’s online presence by coordinating content and ensuring broad distribution of information to the MLK school community.  Seek out opportunities for community engagement and student opportunities. When necessary, step in for the President.

Secretary - Keep accurate records of all MLK PTSA and Board meetings. Read past meeting minutes at the beginning of each PTSA meeting fro member approval.  Send out copy of meeting notes to Board and members.  Work with fellow Board members to support the goals of the PTSA.

Treasurer - Keep accurate records and file documents to maintain tax-exempt status in compliance with local, state and federal laws.  In conjunction with the Board, create and present the recommended budget for the September membership meeting vote.  Prepare a monthly treasurer report for membership that shows income and expenses. Pay bills and make deposits.

Fundraising - Seek out, secure and manage fundraising and promotional opportunities such as local restaurant Dine Outs, spirit wear, Got Sneakers.  Work with PTSA President, VP and school secretary to communicate the fundraising opportunities to the MLK school community.

Eighth Grade Recognition- The Eighth Grade Team will recognize our 8th grade students this year with a pre-recorded video presentation, highlighting the students and celebrating their promotion to high school.  This presentation will be shared via a video presentation which will be uploaded to the school's website on June 11th.  Students may submit pictures and a 30-40 second video to Mrs. Feriano via their email account if they would like to share a memory.  Students, please see the announcement from Mrs. Feriano with the directions to submit your pictures and video clips.  All submissions are due by Monday, June 1st. 

MLK Yearbook- Our yearbook for this year will be published.  We are still waiting on a delivery date.  Yearbooks can still be ordered at the following website:  http://jostensyearbooks.com/?REF=A03353330 until May 31, 2020.  The cost of the yearbook is $40.00.  If you have any questions, please contact our Yearbook Coordinator- Mrs. Kuntz @ Michelle_V_Mcquaid@mcpsmd.org.

Retrieval of Personal Items from Schools-MCPS is beginning the process of allowing students and staff to pick up personal belongings and materials. Staff and student safety will be a top priority in this process. Staff using protective equipment will prepare materials for curbside pickup. Students and families will not be allowed to enter the building. This process will be staggered and will extend beyond June 15. Principals, in coordination with central services, will inform their school communities about timing and logistics when their school is ready to begin this process.  As soon as we receive our dates, we will communicate a process for students and families to pick up any belongings in our school.

Staff Close-Out- MCPS has begun assigning days for staff to enter buildings to obtain materials and pack up materials in accordance with CDC guidelines.  Our assigned days are Thursday June 4 and Friday June 5, 2020.   This may have an impact on instruction for classes on Thursday or Friday.   In the event a teacher is signed-up for close-out on either Thursday or Friday afternoon, the teacher will communicate with students via MyMCPS classroom or Google Classroom the change in schedule and if necessary will post a recorded lesson for the class which is affected.     

Listed below is our schedule for the upcoming week (attached),  grading and reporting dates, information regarding Chromebook and MiFi Distribution, our MLK Counseling Department website and communication resources.   Please use the dropbox to send our administration/office staff any questions you may have.   Additionally, on Friday, the State Superintendent closed schools through the end of the school year.

MLKMS Normal Continuity of Learning Schedule 

Monday June 1 Tuesday June 2 Wednesday June 3 Thursday June 4 Friday June 5
Send content, instructions, guidance, and assignments to students via pre-recorded video, Google or myMCPS Classroom, Screencastify, presentation, or email.

Graded assignment due at end of week or instructional cycle


Teachers could also present content synchronously on school-created schedules or facilitate student collaboration.


Graded assignments can be due on Sunday or other flexible date.


Teachers grading/planning time.


Teachers available via email or platform.


  • Morning:
    • Student independent work, teacher planning, collaborative planning, school and parent communications, special education and related services. This also attempts to balance demands on families with elementary students who will be working in the morning.
    • Special educator/case manager/paraeducator supports available.
    • Related services as appropriate and agreed upon between parent and provider
  • Afternoon:
    • Schedule opportunities for students to check-in, according to the school schedule of afternoon “office hours”. Office hours should be scheduled in the afternoon. Use platforms such as Zoom, Google, email exchange to check for understanding, reteach, unscramble confusion, and provide student support.
    • Specific office hours for each teacher should be coordinated at the school level and communicated to students and parents.
    • The sample schedules below reflect suggested times to help maintain structure for students and not have classes overlap. The afternoon times can be adjusted to meet the needs of schools and staff.  These schedules show at least two “office hours” per week.
    • Collaborative planning time among teachers, special education teachers, ESOL teachers, and other supports can be based on existing class periods, team routines, and availability.
    • All students with IEPs should have scheduled times with case managers and special education teachers and/or paraeducators to work on IEP’s

MLKMS Schedule for Student Instructional Time

Days 2 and 4                                                     Days 3 and 5


  • PD 1:       12:45-1:30                                              PD 5: 12:45-1:30
  • PD 2:       1:40-2:25                                                PD 6: 1:40-2:25
  • PD 3:       2:35-3:20                                                PD 7:   2:35-3:20
  • PD 4:       3:30-4:15                                                Teacher Check-In: 3:30 - 4:15

Grading and ReportingFor middle school students taking full-year courses, the final grade in each course will be based on an average of Marking Periods 1, 2 and 3, with a “Pass” for MP4 counting as one letter grade higher than MP3, similar to high school. Grades for middle school students taking high school level courses will follow the approved high school grading policy.

MCPS has developed a framework that provides criteria for staff on how to determine whether a student can earn a “Pass” for the 4th Marking Period. Our framework emphasizes the importance of overall student engagement over precise scores/grades on assignments. It includes multiple criteria, such as completion of assignments, demonstration of learning,  engaging with teachers in multiple ways, and the teachers’ professional judgement. Teachers will continue to use their gradebook as a tool to track assignments and provide feedback to students, but it is important to remember that traditional use of grading categories, percentages, and letter grades visible in the parent portal may not be the same interpretation as “normal” marking periods. There are additional multiple measures (in the chart below) that will also be used to determine a passing grade.

The framework for the grading criteria is found below:

1. Assignment Completion: Completes assignments on a consistent basis (at least 50 percent of assignments)
2. Content and Skills: Demonstrates understanding of concepts or application of skills on assignments turned in through grades, scales or other rubrics
3. Engagement: Consistently engages by attending scheduled teacher check-ins, ongoing communication with the teacher, or other activities, such as discussion boards or digital classroom activities
4. Teacher Professional Judgment: Based on the body of evidence and a holistic view of a student’s performance within the context of the circumstances caused by the pandemic, when it benefits the student

We want to remind families that a decision has not been made about calculation of the overall semester grade, Grade Point Average (GPA) or how grades will be reported on transcripts. The Board of Education will discuss and approve a final plan at its May 12, 2020, business meeting. The meeting will be broadcast live on the MCPS website (www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org) and on MCPS-TV (Comcast 34, Verizon 36 and RCN 89). We will provide an update to the community once the Board takes final action.

Incompletes for the Third Quarter- If your child received  an incomplete for the 3rd quarter, our staff has been reaching out to families and students.  The deadline for addressing third quarter incompletes is May 28, 2020.  After May 29, 2020, MCPS will automatically convert all remaining incompletes to the grade as of March 13, 2020.

MLK School Counseling Distance Learning Website

Below is a link for our MLK School Counseling Distance Learning Website. On the site, you will find parent, community, and mental health resources as well as optional mindfulness activities and virtual appointment signs ups for students. The site will continually be updated with new information and activities. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact your grade level counselor. https://sites.google.com/mcpsmd.net/mlkcounselingdistancelearning/home

Erin Boss (6th Grade)- Erin_E_Boss@mcpsmd.org      Ariana Frangou (7th Grade)- Ariana_H_Frangou@mcpsmd.org  Michelle Kuntz (8th Grade)- Michelle_V_Mcquaid@mcpsmd.org

Communication- If you need to communicate with the school, you may utilize our staff email directory which is available at the following link- https://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/directory/directory_Boxschool.aspx?processlevel=03107, use our school phone number 240-740-6350 and leave a message (messages are checked daily) or utilize the MCPS Question Form- ACCESS THE QUESTION FORM  Parents/guardians can use this form to submit a question to their student's school. Someone from the school will respond as soon as possible.

Support Services and Resources

Coronavirus (English and Spanish)

Parents/guardians can stay up-to-date and find information on the coronavirus and to see the school system’s efforts on the MCPS website at www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/coronavirus/.

Social Distancing
Slowing the spread of COVID-19 requires everyone to do their part. An important piece of this effort is social distancing. This means avoiding gathering in groups; playing contact sports;  going to the mall for non-essential shopping trips; and avoiding social visits. We know our students want to connect with their peers, especially in a time of crisis. Regardless of the intent, social gatherings have the potential to increase the spread of COVID-19. We ask that all members of the community follow the guidance that has been provided by the CDC and federal, state and local health officials.

Student Attendance and Accountability

Although daily student attendance will not be taken in traditional ways, teachers and school administrators will monitor student engagement and participation. This will be tracked in a number of ways, including:

•Assignment completion
•Students attending live sessions or virtual “office hours
•Email or phone calls with students/parents/guardians
•Paper/pencil assignments that students turn in

We want to stress that student engagement and participation in remote learning is critical. If your child(ren) is having trouble engaging in online learning, please contact their counselor or a school administrator as soon as possible. You can also submit a question or concern here.

Alert MCPS

MCPS has expanded its use of the Alert MCPS system to send system wide messages of importance to the community, in addition to information about emergency closings and delays. These notices come in the form of emails and text messages. We encourage all MCPS families to sign up for this system to ensure that you stay up-to-date on the latest information, resources and announcements.

Communication- If you need to communicate with the school, you may utilize our staff email directory which is available at the following link- https://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/directory/directory_Boxschool.aspx?processlevel=03107, use our school phone number 240-740-6350 and leave a message (messages are checked daily) or utilize the MCPS Question Form- ACCESS THE QUESTION FORM  Parents/guardians can use this form to submit a question to their student's school. Someone from the school will respond as soon as possible. 

Zoom Reminder

MCPS is committed to providing a safe learning environment in person and online. To strengthen student privacy and limit external disruptions to the virtual classroom, MCPS has implemented several measures, including:
•A restricted system that only allows access for students and teachers with MCPS accounts
•A waiting room feature that allows teachers to review all students who seek access to their class
•Settings that turn off student cameras and microphones by default

Read more about MCPS’ commitment to student privacy here.

Family Violence Awareness and Prevention:  Montgomery County has launched a new Family Violence Awareness and Prevention Campaign, designed to support and inform County residents who are experiencing family violence during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. The Montgomery County Family Justice Center (FJC) remains open throughout the pandemic and continues to provide services. The FJC can be reached by telephone at 240-773-0444 or by email at safe@montgomerycountymd.gov. The Montgomery County Crisis Center is open 24/7 and can be reached at 240-777-4000.

Be Well 365: Supporting Our Students
MCPS has also developed resources to support the physical, social and psychological well-being of students during this difficult time. These resources can be found here.

Poolesville High School Robocamps- Poolesville High School's Robotics Team, Team 4099 The Falcons, is hosting RoboCamps this summer! RoboCamps is a robotics camp for students ages 8-13 to get a basic understanding of robotics through coding, designing, and engineering a robot. Please fill out  this form if you or your child would be interested in this or email us at contact@team4099.com if you have any questions! More information can be found at: https://www.team4099.com/programs/robocamps/

Chromebooks and MiFi’sIf you are still in need of a Chromebook, need to exchange a Chromebook or require a MiFi,  this can be done Monday – Friday from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at 45 W. Gude Drive, Rockville, MD.   For the technical needs of any student or parent during remote learning, please call - 240-740-7022

Congratulations to Nirav Akkanapragada on being elected to the Montgomery County Student Council!!!!Congratulations! Mangor Bility, Jillian Dove, Samuel Hahm, and Vivian Hoang. Their team won 2nd place (middle school division) and earned $250 for our school in Montgomery County’s “Keep it Safe” video competition in which student teams from around the county created PSA videos about the dangers of underage drinking.

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